Gulbiyaay (Welcome)

Jessica Tedim is a proud Gamilaraay Yuwaalaraay woman from Walgett in North West New South Wales. Jess currently lives on Barada Barna country.

Jess creates paintings and digital artworks that explore her identity, and share wonderful stories of culture, and Dreaming passed down from family and Elders. Jess is inspired by the land, spirit, and language.

Native flora and fauna are Jess’ favourite things to depict in her art.

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Please note!

Dear customers, I am no longer selling prints of my artworks, and only taking on comission works from February onwards.

Jess xx



Commission works are available. Please forward your ideas and any reference images through to our contact email. Prices will be negotiated and quoted based on size, medium of the artwork, and time spent on the piece. All ideas are welcomed!